Database Features

Stable Microsoft SQL Server database
Auto and Manual Database Backups
Database Restoring
Export and Import Data
Import Online Entries Data

Event Management Features

Event schedule management features
People management features
Top Qualifier race event
Points System race event
Configurable Practice / Qualifying Re-Seeding
Automatic and manual grid list management
Automatic and manual finals sorting
Club and personal transponder management
Late entry management
Personal car number support
Unlimited Class management
Customisable Club point score support
Scrolling Advertisements (on Lap Tracker display)
Event Sponsor management
Shootout final feature (selectable)
Multi day events
Online Event / Entries management

Race Control Features

"Free Practice" mode
Laptime, Split Time, Best Time, Estimated Time, Total Time, Standard Deviation
MyLaps AMBrc4 decoder support (Transponder temperature, voltage and car index)
Multipart Finals (for Main and Semi Finals)
Race by length of time
Race by number of laps
Automatic and manual results printing
Complete race schedule management
(pause, re-start race, skip heat/round, auto/manual advance)
Configurable Final Delay functionality
Race recovery management
Text To Speech annoucements
Configurable periodic announcements
Configurable Start / Finish / Passing (beep) sounds
Upload Custom sounds
On-The-Fly lap management (add, split or delete laps)
Speedway "Stoppage" penalty functionality
Customisable Lap Tracker display with customisable Icons (per Class)
Unlimited decoder connection
Master / Slave PC communication (with 'one click' database transfer)
Multiple sector Timing
Punish / disqualification management

Extra Features

Wi-Fi timing relay server (mobile lap timing app. support)
Ongoing software updates
Live Internet results handling (requires Internet connectivity)
Integrated Scrutineering Application
Configurable COM Port output functionality
Emailed Results / Grid List support (requires Internet connectivity)
Integrated programmable race lights control support